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christophkaiser llc is a multifaceted architecture and design practice in Phoenix, Arizona with a vision to design elegant solutions to relevant problems - from encouraging healthy, high density development by way of micro dwellings, to designing for people seeking low cost, high impact design innovations for their own home. More design, less budget.

Christoph Kaiser received a Bachelor of Science in Design in 1997 for studies at Arizona State University, University of Stuttgart, and Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Stuttgart, Germany. After his undergraduate studies, he traveled Europe and Japan with funding awarded through the U.S. National Lyceum Fellowship Competition. Christoph then worked for Behnisch, Behnisch + Partner in Stuttgart, Germany in 1998 on the design development team for the Bristol Harbor Side Center. In 2002, he graduated with Honors with a Masters Degree in Architecture from Harvard University. From 2003 to 2005 he worked for DeBartolo Architects in Phoenix Arizona as Project Manager. In 2005 Christoph Kaiser co-founded Plus Minus Studio with Hayes McNeil, a Phoenix based design practice that is still an active agent in many downtown Phoenix architecture projects.

828 north third street

phoenix arizona 85004


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